9 de out. de 2016

When I was a child, I hadn't toys, because my mother hadn't conditions to buy a toy for me, with that I used to go to the garbage dumb, with my little friends, to look for toys or anything we could play. I lived in a little wood house - the door opened every morning. I remember I used to drink milk with strawerry powder and eat cupnoodles many nights. I loved that life, It was  suffered, but simple.

Now, I living in a great house wih my adopetive family. I have a blog and I write all weeks about my life and reviews about books I read. Actually I am working but if I don't save money, I won't buy the things I like, for example, books and japanese food.

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  1. Oh, I envy people who have - or had - that life (blame me). My life was always... easy? And boring. (Almost) Nothing special.
    Cupnoodles is (are?) the best thing ever (after ice cream, of course)!
    You live with an adoptive family? I didn't know that... (how would I now? duh) Is it cool? Well, I guess so, you seem happy... You're happy, right?
    Talking about japanese food... I really want to eat that.
    (yes, i'll leave a comment on every post I like now and then. deal with it)



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