Five apps to learn English

14 de mai. de 2016
To learn any language, English, Spanish or French, you have to live the language, and there are 3 things that you’ll have to learn about the language to become fluent – reading, writing and speaking. With that, you can use on your smartphone to help you, several apps to learn languages. Here I’ll show you five apps that, nowadays, help me.

Duolingo – this is an app because it splits its contains in categories like food, colors, animals and others. The level increases according with the level of learning. And the exercises work with pronunciation, writing and understanding.

HelloTalk – this is the app I use the most, just because we can talk to other people and knowing cultures and customs different from our. The app is easy to use English, because there are people who want to learn Portuguese, and the process of learning is based in exchanging informations.

Dictionary – this is a fundamental app. When you have a doubt, this is a great tool to solve it. There are more dictionaries offline with audio player.

Netflix – Without a doubt, it is the best app of all, Netflix is a stream resource of movies, documentaries and TV shows. If you configure the language and subtitle in English, you can read and listen at the same time while seeing the movie, it's a kind of Closed Caption.

Spotify – It's similar to Netflix, but with musics. Using the stream technology too, you can also read the lyrics while listening to the songs you like!
This post is part of a personal project to learn English if you want to read other posts click here.

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  1. Definitely Netflix make me talking all the time in english, 'cause I spend part of my time just seeing series and this is in big help, but I really learned english playing games. Great tips! (Minha escrita em inglês é mais ou menos, devo ter errado algo kk);

    See ya!



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