The first layout we never forget ♡

27 de nov. de 2015
Taking the last posts, whose I was unburdening about of blog's id and new layout, I decided to sail in the early days of this blog, primarily in layout and organization

When I created this blog, I didn't know anything. And like normal person, I search in the internet layouts free blogspot download.Appeared beautiful themes. Of all colors. I choosed a blue. Of little bird. Franchise available with love by Gisele Jaquenod.

It was bad.
But fluffy.
But bad.

Worst of all , is not having used one.
But having used all. One for every season of year. The first year this blog was well
E sim ter usado todos. Um para cada temporada do ano. O primeiro ano deste blog, foi bem diversified, has many of frufrus and I sai "I used this?". YEP, I USED! I used the paint to make composition when I created this blog and I used for long time, long time, the Photoscape (only this explain bad quality, because I have neatness).

Then u can see my first layout I prepared to this blog, with much love and care.

layout feito no photoscape

Say me, do you liked this new version?

WHO SAIED, finally! 

Finally I got time and pleasure to update
Finalmente consegui tempo e vontade para atualizar some pages. Now you can know more about me; I decided to create some rules for blog and like function the partnerships, because It is getting famous. Lie. True. Lie, but is true.

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